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4KW Off Grid Solar System

MT soalr power system are excellent solutions and preconfigured with major componenets, which your purchase source ,saves overall cost and time .You can choose them by your loads power consumption and rated output power.

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•Inverter and charge controller all-in-one

•Integrated enery management system and a variety of work mode

•Frequency isolation transformer design, safe, quiet and stable

•110V/230V/380V/400V optional,50Hz/60Hz adaptive

•With electricity or Diesel generator by-pass

•VRLA-GEL battery, long deep cycle life

•External batteries, flexible configuration

Model No.MTLW-4KW
Rared power  4000W
Daily generation power  16KWH
System voltage  12V
  Solar Panel  Type  Polycrystalline silicon A-level
  Pmax  250Wp*16pcs
  Vmp  29.5V
  Imp  8.48A
  Inverter  SPEC.  4000W
  Wave form  (Pure sine wave) THD<2%
  Output voltage  110V/127V/220V±5% 
  Output Frequency  50Hz/60Hz±1%
  Working Efficiency  >85%
  Controller  Rated voltage  96V
  Rated current  60A
  Control mode  PWM
  Protection  Overcharge/Positive & Negative reverse/Reverse charging/Lightning
  Battery  Battery Type  Deep cycle maintenance-free lead-acid battery
  Voltage  12V
  Capacity  150AH/12V
  Quantity  8pcs
  Battery cabinet  Specification  1pcs
Cables  2.5mm2 48m
  4mm2 120m
  10mm2 12m
  Accessories  Specification  Matched MC4 connectors, screws & bolts
PV brackets system  Matched quantity Pitch/Flat Roof/Ground Mounting Type

MTWB Series


Solar Inverter


MTWB Series

MTWB series bi-directional energy-storage inverter is applicable to both on-grid and off-grid PV systems. It can control the flow of energy intelligently. During the daytime, the PV plant generates electricity which can be provided to the loads, fed into the grid or charge the battery. The electricity stored can be released when the loads require it during the night.             Additionally, the power grid can also charge the storage devices via the inverter.

l   Charge controller and inverter integrated                                         

l   Intelligent battery management function

l   Capable of being grid-interactive or grid-independent

l   More security & performance for same costs

l   Monitoring inverters freely via computers

l   Fanless super silence design and enhancing product life

l   High frequency transformerless system

l   Wide voltage range

l   High efficiency up to 97%

l   LCD display panel

l   Wall mountable

l   IP-65 protection level

Technical    DataMTWB-5000MTWB-3000
  Nominal DC voltage[w]  5000  3000
  Max DC voltage[v]  600  600
  MPPT voltage ange[v]  125~600  125~601
  Starting voltage[v]  140  140
  Max DC current[A]  25/25  30/30
  No. of DC connectors  2  2
  No.of MPPTs  2(can parallel)  2(can parallel)
  DC connector  TD 100-001-C/MC4  TD 100-001-C/MC4
  Battery type  Lead-acid or Li-lon  Lead-acid or Li-lon
  Norminal Voltage [v]  96  48
  Man Discharge power [w]  5000  3000
  Max Charge power[w]  5000  3000
  Battery capacity[Ah]  ≥200(depending requirement)  ≥201(depending requirement)
  Charging ourve  3-stage adaptive with maintenance  3-stage adaptive with maintenance
  Charging voltage [v]  114(optional)  57(optional)
  Battery temperature compensation  yes  yes
  Battery voltage sense  yes  yes
  Current shunt  yes  yes
AC Output Data
  Norminal AC power[W]  5000  3000
  Max.AC power  6000  3600
  Peak power (Back-up)[W]  1.5*Pnom, 10sec  1.5*Pnom, 10sec
  Max.AC current[A]  20  16
  Norminal AC output  50/60Hz;230vac  50/60Hz;230vac
  AC output range  45~55Hz/55~65Hz;180~270Vac  45~55Hz/55~65Hz;180~271Vac
  AC output (Back-up)230Vac±2%,50Hz(60Hz optional)±2%,THDv<3%(linear    load)
  THDi  <1.5%  <1.5%
  Power factor  0.8 leading~0.8 ladding  0.8 leading~0.8 ladding
  Grid connection  Single phase  Single phase
  Max.efficiency  97.60%  97.60%
  Euro efficiency  >97.0%  >97.0%
  MPPT adaptation efficiency  99.90%  99.90%
  Residual current monitoring    unit  yes  yes
  Anti-islanding protection  yes  yes
  DC switch(PV)  Integrated(optional)  Integrated(optional)
  AC over current protection  yes  yes
  Insulation monitoring  yes  yes
Certification    Standards
  Grid regulation  VDE-AR-N4105,VDE 0126-1-1,G83/2,G59/3,AS4777.2/.3
  Safety  IEC62109-1&-2,AC3100,IEC 62040-1
  EMC  EN61000-6-1,EN61000-6-2,EN61000-6-3,  EN61000-6-1,EN61000-6-2,EN61000-6-3
  EN61000-6-4,EN61000-3-11,EN61000-3-12,  EN61000-6-4,EN61000-3-2,EN61000-3-3
General Data
  Dimensions (W*H*D)  516*440*184mm  516*440*184mm
  Weight[kg]  30  30
  Mounting  Wall bracket  Wall bracket
  Ambient temper ature range  –25~60℃(>45℃ derating)  –25~60℃(>45℃ derating)
  Relative humidity  0~95%  0~95%
  Max.operating altitude  4000m(>3000m derating)  4000m(>3000m derating)
  Protection degree  IP65  IP65
  Topology  Transformerless  Transformerless
  Standby losses [W]  <8  <8
  Cooling  Nature convection  Nature convection
  Noise emision[Db]  <25  <25
  Display  LED light & LCD  LED light & LCD
  Communication  USB2.0;WiFi  USB2.0;WiFi

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