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Tailor-made solar electricity system for off-grid customers

Rural clinics, schools, orphanages and other buildings that are not connected to the grid still require electricity for lighting, fans, radio, television and computers. A conventional diesel generator is noisy, polluting and requires daily fuel expenses. Instead, MUTIAN SOLAR provides a custom-made solar system to meet electricity requirements in a clean and silent manner. Batteries are also included in the system in order to supply electricity in the evenings.
For 100% solar supplied systems, MUTIAN SOLAR also helps to reduce electricity consumption by advising on conservation measures such as more efficient devices.

Alternatively, MUTIAN SOLAR can offer a hybrid solution where solar power is combined with a conventional generator to be used only during peak hours.
For projects in remote locations, MUTIAN SOLAR offers to train local staff on maintenance and repair. In addition, a service contract can be provided.

Once your renewable energy system is in place, you will be your own electric company! You, or someone you pay, will be responsible for maintaining the health of all the components. By going through the design process and getting to know the various parts, you can optimize the success of your system.
Interested in saving money? Lower your energy use to make the most of the money you spend on your solar PV system. You will need the kilowatt hours (kWh) you use to determine your system size. A common mistake is trying to use your home’s square feet or available roof space.

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